Erica Brendel brings forest restoration expert to GROVE

She writes: "On Wed 7/9 Sarah Low visited Grove with me to give us a progress report.I'm happy to say that her impressions were generally favorable. She  thinks the leaf damage we are seeing is part of the adjustment process  and therefore to be expected, especially in trees undergoing bare-root  planting.  She felt that these trees had probably had a stressful  winter even before we planted them, and their roots need time to get  established.  Their prognosis is still good, although it takes about 5  years to be sure of their long-term survival.  So far she thinks  they've been adequately watered, and our plan of 5 gallons a week per  tree should be fine.  If we get into drought conditions later in the  summer, maybe 10 - 15 gallons (the recommended amount for street  trees) would be better.  She was impressed that we've done a good job  of fighting back the knotweed. There are a few other invasives at the  site that we may need to control : English Ivy, Mile-a Minute Vine,  Garlic Mustard - but these haven't made a major impact yet.  The other  plants growing there are mostly natives - PA Smartweed, Jewelweed,  Skunk Cabbage, Jack-in-the-Pulpit - and they should coexist happily  with the new trees and shrubs.Fortunately we don't seem to have a deer problem.  She thinks the  winterberry and dogwood bushes would be showing signs of deer browse  by now if that were going to happen, and they appear to be doing  well.  The rubbing against the bark that deer do usually happens in  November, and the bark protectors now in place should prevent that.Sarah thinks we are in good shape to proceed with the planting of more  trees and shrubs at the Grove site in the fall, as well as in some  other locations in the woods with canopy openings. She will be in  touch with us through Friends of CW to identify more sites and make  recommendations about plantings.It was very helpful to visit Grove with Sarah, and reassuring to have  her input.  I look forward to seeing everyone in the woods soon."Erica Brendel