GROVE breaks down slowly

GROVE is something and nothing all at the same time. When you enter the small clearing off the trail with ten or so small mounds of dirt and paper, you might not see much happening. It is only when you look closely that you can see the changes. The paper swells and freezes repeatedly. The dirt and paper are trampled into the ground. A dog dug a hole in one of the mounds - luckily not the largest mound which holds the only paper tree I think of as Bill...This large tree was also the only tree to crumple and fall at the Fringe show at the Media Bureau.

Bill was like a large oak tree – appearing so invincible until it falls in a passing storm and reveals the weakness at its core. Bill worked so hard to try and stay here with us, denying over and over that the disease had any power over him – until in the end it couldn't be denied any longer.