Grief is unexpectedly muting

"No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear." C.S. Lewis

I was unprepared for grief's angry force and desperate apathy. Everything has changed and I don't know who or where I am. I can't hide my feelings so all I can do is hide myself. GROVE has continued but not as I had thought. For the last six months I can barely bring myself to do anything. So, I apologize to anyone for my absence, my bitterness, my sadness, and my lack of updates to the site.

I do go to GROVE and work in GROVE. I water, I weed, and I monitor its progress. But organizing is difficult in this state of loss and I feel I have lost my courage. There is so much sadness here for me that I feel I must leave in order to breathe again. I am moving to a studio near the ocean in New Bedford, Massachusetts. I am sorry to leave everyone but I hope you will understand. I don't know when I will get there but my new address will be The Ropeworks Building, 123 Sawyer St., New Bedford, MA.

GROVE will not be neglected. The Friends of Carpenter's Woods have raised funds through Linda G.'s owl photo sale and through Louise H.'s grant from the Coop. We have received free winterberry and red-osier dogwood from Dave Bower. A recent visit by a tree expert has further informed us and inspired additional plantings for the fall. Erica B., the original and most vocal supporter of GROVE has stepped up her efforts in pulling knotweed and monitoring tree health. We have also been offered additional funds for a sign and more trees through Glen B. of the Weaver's Way Coop. And I thank the many people who walk by and check in, pulling a little knotweed as they visit. GROVE is well cared for and will continue to be well cared for by our community in Carpenter's Woods.

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