Sons of Toil Buried Under Tons of Soil?

Let's hope not...Yesterday the dirt for GROVE arrived at the bus stop. Those of us who have seen it were surprised at how perfect it looks. Who knew I would fall in love with two dirt piles? Photos later...

My apologies for the gap between postings. My husband Bill's disease has now spread to his brain and spinal column and we have had a three week ordeal in the hospital which has just ended with his return home. Our world has turned upside down and even if you are expecting terrible things, they are still terrible when they happen.

GROVE is happening still because of the kindness of our friends, many health professionals and my mother who has come to stay with us. On Saturday we will move the dirt from the bus stop down to the GROVE with buckets, spades, wheelbarrows, and tarps. On the 11th we will bring the trees and the process of letting go will begin.