How can I love you if I don't go away?

This week I moved back to Massachusetts after 12 years in Philadelphia. My cell phone doesn't work and the only internet is at the public library so I am a little disconnected but I am occasionally reachable by email at and occasionally by cell at 267-688-3694. On one level the change seems to be helping already. Philly looms lovely in the rearview mirror and I can suddenly and clearly see and appreciate everyone who helped Bill and I this last terrible and difficult year. Everyone has been very kind. But my friends Katerina, Ralph, and Flash are deserving of awards for their help in emptying 6812 McCallum this spring. From March to July we tossed, schlepped, donated, boxed, and distributed glasses, clothes, books, medical equipment, records, and furniture. We gave everything away except for the two opened cans of pet food, a bag of compost, and a small metal trash can that we lost track of in the middle of the final morning. Inscrutable gifts for the new owners to decode...I miss my garden, the oaks, my friend and neighbors, canine and human, but I don't miss the endless cleaning while the house was on the market. I think my energy and focus are starting to return. Today I followed a monarch butterfly around and wondered where my camera was packed. I look forward to working again.