What we learned together yesterday - shape, weight, paper and dirt

What a beautiful day we had to install GROVE. Today is full of medical appointments for Bill so I appreciate your patience while I process the hundreds of photos and video from three weeks of transformative work together. What I can tell you is that I think we all learned something about shape, weight, paper and dirt. The next trees will be shorter and bigger. I hope to make five of these new shapes to replace the current GROVE in anticipation of the five oak trees in the spring. More later on that.

For now, I thank you all who came out over the last month and shared in GROVE. I feel like I have invited you into my studio and now we are all learning and creating together. There never is an ending for an artist because every project reveals the next. I invite you all to continue with me as we respond to this - the first draft of GROVE as it moves toward its new life as an oak grove. Love, Treemaker9